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Enco’s 12-Month Warranty

March 19, 2009 by

asi-2009-pic2It occurred to me at the recent ASI show in Las Vegas that many operators might not be aware that Enco Systems offers a 12-month warranty on every Philips CD Pro player that we sell through our distribution partners. Joel Friedman and I talked to a number of operators at the show, and several of them were surprised to learn that new Enco/Philips players carry our one-year warranty.

So, allow me to clear up any confusion and to inform those jukebox operators who might not know. Enco warranties each player we sell for one year from the date of shipment from our facility in Detroit. To be clear, the warranty we extend is technically to the distributor who sells the player to the operator. So when you purchase a player through your local distributor, any warranty claims do need to go through that distributor.

We’re aware that there are a lot of “gray market” options out there. Factory rejects, rebuilt players sold as new, and counterfeit components claiming to be original Philips service parts are out there. Operators need to know that Philips has never sold authorized service parts at component level. Any organization claiming to sell “original factory replacement parts,” or other such claims, are getting these optics through third parties in the Far East. These parts may work, but they are not factory-authorized and their quality and reliability can be somewhat sketchy.

When you buy a factory new, factory fresh Philips CD Pro that has been supplied by Enco, you can be confident that that player came direct from the factory in central Europe. Enco Systems has been supplying Philips CD players to the jukebox industry since 1988. I have shaken the hand of Felician Kovatch, the quality manager at the factory who vouches for every player that comes off of the line.
Chris and Felician Kovatch at the Philips factory

Obviously, we hope that operators never have to avail themselves of the warranty, but crazy things happen in the jukebox world. Sometimes those things are difficult to explain, and it’s nice to know that Enco’s got your back.

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