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CD Jukebox – Excellent Condition

January 30, 2013 by

Rowe CD 100

Rowe CD 100

This is a Rowe CD 100 jukebox. Features 100 CDs of your favorite music and is in excellent condition! What a fantastic piece of equipment to add to your home or location. Great for restaurants and arcades! Colors may vary. CDs not included.”

I saw this ad and the accompanying photo on a classified-ad web site. It makes a profound statement about the CD jukebox.

This is a jukebox.” It is not trying to be anything more than that. You walk up to it, browse the selections, put in a coin or a bill, push the buttons and play the music. Straightforward, elegant and without guile. The CD jukebox makes no apologies — it only plays music and sounds great doing it.

It features 100 CDs of your favorite music.” One hundred CDs. That’s over 130 hours of music, over 2500 three-minute songs. You could listen to music on a CD jukebox 24 hours a day for five-and-a-half days and still not hear all the music it might contain. And it’s important to remember that there is still some music on CD that isn’t available in any other format.

But it was the phrase “in excellent condition” that really caught my eye. Clearly, the CD 100 pictured in the ad is in excellent physical condition. The market for operators of CD jukeboxes is also in excellent condition. As new technologies and highly-touted business models have moved in, the CD juke has remained an operator’s steadfast ally. Five years ago operators began telling us that they planned a 100% route conversion to digital. Now as 2013 begins, we still hear operators tell us that CD is a significant part of their routes. Even the most hardcore proponent of digital machines admits that he still has a couple CD jukes on location.

I’m proud to still be supporting the CD format, long after many experts had buried the technology. It continues to serve operators well in a range of locations. The CD jukebox is indeed “a fantastic piece of equipment to add to your home or location.”

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