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High End Audio – A Passion for HiFi

hi-fiWe share audiophiles’ passion for high-fidelity music. Enco has represented Philips Electronics and their specialty audio group since the inception of compact disc in the mid 1980’s. Throughout the years we have assisted and supported the design of CD playback gear from respected high-end audio companies such as Madrigal Audio Labs, Krell Digital, Theta Digital, Audio Research, McCormack Audio (SMc), Altis Audio, Sonic Frontiers and many others. Click here to see a list of designers who featured the CD Pro. More than 30 years later, and after many have abandoned the technology, we still believe in the compact disc. In fact, we will soon introduce a new headphone-based CD player into the personal hifi market.

We firmly believe that, in the digital realm, CD remains the preeminent playback medium. Today, even the humble 16 bit, 44.1 kHz oversampled CD delivers sound reproduction that is moving and deeply satisfying. Today’s digital mastering techniques for the CD format are light years beyond the thin, shrill-sounding early discs that were often derived from third-generation master tapes. CD Pro 2 sets the standard for reproducing recordings mastered at 16 bit, 44.1 kHz and beyond. We fully understand that you want your hifi CD player or transport to remain a cornerstone of your audio system.

CD Pro Hi-Fi Offerings

The Philips CD Pro 2LF is the very latest in high-fidelity compact disc technology. Many audiophiles own a CD player or transport that is designed around Philips’s CD Pro-family of compact disc modules, which includes CDM-12 Industrial, CD Pro and CD Pro 2. Despite the discontinuation of production by Philips, Enco still has limited stock of factory new CD Pro 2LF modules. The current version is back-compatible to all previous versions of the module. We also stock service parts, such as the critical optical pick-up unit (OPU). Many of our parts are new/old Philips stock. We are happy to ship any quantity anywhere in the world.

We want audiophiles to continue enjoying the systems and the music libraries in which they’ve invested time, emotion and money. Give us a call on 248-541-6300 or email us and we’ll do our best to help you out. Ask for Chris. We’re glad you found us.

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