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Player Module Installation in a Jukebox


This current version of the module, CD Pro 2LF, is fully compatible with its predecessors. It can directly replace the CD player in any jukebox originally loaded with a CDM12 Industrial, CD Pro, CD Pro 2 or CD Pro 2M player. It has the same footprint and dimensions and the same mounting points and suspension system, as well as the same electrical connections as those preceding versions of the CD Pro family.

The CD Pro 2LF is NOT drop-compatible with CDM-4 or CDM-3 jukeboxes. Contact Enco direct if you are uncertain of which Philips CD player is currently loaded in your jukebox.

Installing a CD Pro 2 in your jukebox is easy. The key is to take note of how the player is currently mounted in your jukebox and install the new one in the same way.

NOTE: Work clean and ESD safe. Remember that you are handling a device that is sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD). You should be grounded via wrist-strap at all times during installation. Contact Enco direct if you have questions about appropriate safety grounding.

Following is a basic installation procedure for a Rowe jukebox:

  • Lift the clamper arm.
  • Remove the old player from its mounting hardware.

In a Rowe jukebox, firmly lift the player free of the rubber suspension grommets.

  • Disconnect the three cables from the player.

There is a 4-pin JST connector on one side of the player for power. On the opposite side of the player is a 4-pin JST connector for audio out, and a 6-pin JST connector for DSA communication.

WARNING: It is easy to mistakenly swap the 4-pin connectors when reconnecting. Serious damage to the player will result if the 4-pin audio and power connectors are plugged into the wrong sockets. It is advisable to label the two 4-pin connectors before disconnecting, in order to avoid confusion.

  • To the new CD Pro 2, reconnect the 4-pin power connector, the 4-pin audio connector and the 6-pin communication connector.

Again, be careful to reconnect the power and audio connectors into their proper sockets. These sockets are labeled on the under-side of the circuit board.

  • Press the legs of the new CD Pro 2 firmly down into the rubber suspension grommets.

Be careful to orient the new CD Pro 2 in the same direction as the old player that it is replacing.

  • Replace the clamper arm.

Make sure that the magnetic hold-down engages the turntable of the new CD Pro 2. If the magnetic hold-down doesn’t engage the turntable of the CD Pro 2, you have likely oriented the player in the wrong direction.

The preceding is a basic installation procedure for a Rowe jukebox. The requirements for your jukebox may vary.

NOTE: In some jukeboxes (NSM and late model Rock-Olas for example) the metal extension plate and the mounting legs may have to be removed. Removal of these items will require a #10 Torx screwdriver.