Jimi Hendrix — Woodstock


Producer: Alan Douglas

Key Tracks: “Star-Spangled Banner,” “Red House,” “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)/Stepping Stone”
Release date: 1994
Label: MCA
Catalog#: MCASD 11063

Condition: disc = Very Good ; jewel case = Good

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The Skinny: Unless you literally live under a rock you have heard Jimi rip the Star Spangled Banner found on this classic CD. There are better Jimi Hendrix albums out there, but many critics consider this to be one of the best live rock recordings of all time.

Sounds like: Jimi Hendrix, then everyone who came after him…

Deeper Thoughts: If you love Jimi you need to own this album. Otherwise, there are many other Hendrix albums that do a much better job of showing off the guitar genius that he was. This performance is epic, but the preparation for it was rushed since he didn’t formally have a band at the time.

The Sonics: The vocals and guitar stand up loud and proud, the rest of the band not so much. I’ll agree with critics that say “Fire” and “Purple Haze” had been performed better on other recordings, but the jam session “Voodoo Child” becomes here is definitely worth hearing. Oh, and just in case you forgot, Jimi Hendrix plays the National Anthem at Woodstock!


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