L7 — Hungry for Stink


Producers: L7 & Garth “GGGarth” Richardson

Key Tracks: “Andres,” “Fuel My Fire,” “Stuck Here Again,” “Baggage,” “Freak Magnet”
Release Date: 12 July 1994
Label: Slash/Reprise
Catalog: 945624-2

Condition: Disc = Good, Jewel case = Good


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The Skinny: The follow-up to L7’s breakthrough album, Bricks Are Heavy, this dirty punk album didn’t exactly open the door to new fans at the time of its release but it’s a must-have for L7 loyalists and hardcore punks everywhere.

 Sounds Like: Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Babes in Toyland, 7 Year Bitch

 Deeper Thoughts: In all honesty, listeners who don’t know L7’s music may need to let this one grow on them a little. As a casual listener for five years turned hardcore fan about a year ago, I’ll be the first to admit that it’s an acquired taste, but I’ll also be the first to recommend that you to give it a spin. There are plenty of sleepers hiding in these 12 tracks, and “underrated” is an understatement when describing not only this record but L7 themselves. Once you’ve seasoned your ears to Donita Sparks’s screeching and Suzi Gardner’s growling (both of which seem unconventional and may be a bit of a shock to the unaware listener) it’s easy to see just how much they should be appreciated and regarded as hard-hitting, sonically and mentally strong, and downright kick-ass women.

 The Sonics: This record probably takes a few listens to really catch every effect (pedal, vocal or otherwise), guitar riff, bass slap, etc. Like pretty much every other punk album to ever be released, the best way to listen to this is on your stereo with the volume cranked to 11. Only then will you be able to get the full experience that the band provides on this record. Frantic, extreme and paranoia-inducing just like the lyrics, the wild sound of this album properly matches the band’s attitude and style and will easily rub off on you by the time you reach the end. Seriously, just take my word for it and give it a listen.


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