OPU2: Optical Pick-up Unit for CD Pro 2 (VAU 1254/xx)


OPU2 is a proprietary part appropriate for repairing all versions of Philips CD Pro 2. This pickup is not a Philips product – we’ve improved their original design. OPU2 was developed by veteran bench professionals with years of experience and wisdom repairing Philips CD Pro drives. OPU2 was conceived, specified & is manufactured to the specifications of the original Philips pickups, but with key improvements that make it more flexible and better performing. This pickup is appropriate for repair of ALL versions of CD Pro 2, from the 1st version (VAU 1254/11 or equivalent) to the ultimate version (VAU 1254/31LF or equivalent).

We’re confident that OPU2 will meet or exceed your expectations. We believe it’s more reliable & better performing than the original Philips part. Have a look to our illustrated self-service instructions and give it a go. This is the one you’ve been searching for.

OPU2 can be used to service the following versions of CD Pro:

  • VAU 1254/11 or /01 (original CD Pro 2). 
  • VAU 1254/31 or /21 (CD Pro 2M)
  • VAU 1254/31LF or /21LF (CD Pro 2 LF)
  • VAU 1255/21 or /21LF (CD Pro 2 LF, European version)

View our installation instructions here.

Installation service is available. To have this pickup installed in your CD Pro 2 for an additional charge, please contact Chris on encosystems@gmail.com or by phone on 248-541-6300 for more information.

30-day warranty from date of invoice



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