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Player with CalloutsDiscontinued by Philips in 2013, these are essentially the last new CD Pro drives available on the world market. We are selling these units from our proprietary reserve of new drives. This is the latest (and last) version of the CD Pro-family of player modules  — The CD Pro 2LF (version VAU 1255/21LF). It is drop-in, backward compatible with CDM-12 Industrial, CD Pro 1 and CD Pro 2, 2M and 2LF. It is NOT drop-in or backward compatible with CDM-3, CDM-4 or other non-Pro family CD player modules.

CD Pro Family Product Compatibility
Product History

Select a configuration to match the requirements of your gear. The picture will change to show you what it looks like. Start with the base player module. Add the extension plate, mounting legs and suspension springs if you need them. You must choose a centering hub. The standard hub is used for Wurlitzer jukeboxes and most high-end audio players and transports. The full-cone hub is used for Rowe and Rock-ola jukeboxes. The price will change to reflect the “trim level.”


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Features Include

  • Designed into jukeboxes from all major manufacturers — Rowe, Rock-Ola, Wurlitzer and NSM, as well as Regatta and Universal
  • Designed into hifi gear by many of the top high-end audio companies around the world
  • Drop-in, backward compatibility with entire CD Pro-family of player modules — CDM12 Industrial, CD Pro 1, CD Pro 2, CD Pro 2M and CD Pro 2LF – featuring the same electrical connections & communication protocol (DSA Bus)
  • Identical footprint, dimensions, suspension scheme and mounting points as CDM12 Industrial, CD Pro 1, CD Pro 2, 2M and 2LF
  • Variety of turntable centering hub options — solid, no-glue, press-fit, easily-removable — for compatibility with any jukebox or hifi
  • NOT drop-in or backward compatible with CDM-3, CDM-4 or other non-Pro family CD player modules
  • Integrated, elegant, high-performance CD solution
  • Heavy die-cast metal frame for improved stability and performance
  • Excellent playback performance on copy-protected standard Red-Book audio CDs
  • CD Recordable (CDR) and CD Rewritable (CD-RW) compatible
  • Smart Disc Acceptance algorithm (SDAA) to surpass Red Book specification
  • Capable of double-speed
  • CD ROM-mode capable
  • Vertical mounting capable
  • Specified for 140+ ºF
  • RoHS compliant — conforms to European hazardous material standards
  • Proven durable, reliable design for over 20 years

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12-month warranty from date of invoice


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