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To inquire about availability of refurbished CD Pro drive modules, contact Chris via or 248-541-6300.

Since 2013, the CD Pro is no longer produced. Enco occasionally has refurbished CD Pro drive modules available that we’ve reclaimed from the field. As the authorized North American Philips distributor for this product, we have new/old stock of factory-authorized service parts, including  motors, a variety of mechanical bits, and optical pick-up units (OPUs). All of our rebuilt modules undergo a full battery of tests on our bench and in our test gear. We offer a 90-day warranty on all refurbished units.

We can provide mechanical configurations to fit most types of gear that were originally built with the Philips CD Pro family of drive modules.

As with our new player modules, rebuilt CD Pro player modules are drop-in compatible with all versions of the CD Pro family of products. They are NOT compatible in any way with CDM-3, CDM-4 or other non-Pro family CD player modules.

Contact Chris and ask him what we’ve got available right now!

CD Pro Family Product Compatibility
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Features Include

  • Designed into jukeboxes from all major manufacturers — Rowe, Rock-Ola, Wurlitzer and NSM, as well as Regatta and Universal
  • Designed into hifi gear by many of the top high-end audio companies around the world
  • Drop-in, backward compatibility with entire CD Pro-family of player modules — CDM12 Industrial, CD Pro 1, CD Pro 2, CD Pro 2M and CD Pro 2LF – featuring the same electrical connections & communication protocol (DSA Bus)
  • Identical footprint, dimensions, suspension scheme and mounting points as CDM12 Industrial, CD Pro 1, CD Pro 2, 2M and 2LF
  • Variety of turntable centering hub options — solid, no-glue, press-fit, easily-removable — for compatibility with any jukebox or hifi
  • NOT drop-in or backward compatible with CDM-3, CDM-4 or other non-Pro family CD player modules
  • Integrated, elegant, high-performance CD solution
  • Heavy die-cast metal frame for improved stability and performance
  • Vertical mounting capable
  • Specified for 140+ ºF
  • Proven durable, reliable design for over 20 years

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90-day warranty from date of invoice


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