The Witches – Let’s Go to the No Go Zone


Producer: Troy Gregory

Key Tracks: “My Superstar Pills,” “The Lonely Rainbow,” “Deflowering the Infant Succubus”
Release date: 21 July 1998
Label: Pushover Records
Catalog#: PUSH-001

Condition: disc = Very Good ; jewel case = Good

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The Skinny: Spooky, psychedelic 90’s garage rock conjured up in Detroit. Troy Gregory and a small cast of talented musicians with roots that run deep in the local Detroit music scene as well as the national stage come together to play on Let’s Go to the No Go Zone. Many of the lyrics carry a 60’s pop sensibility with a guitar-driven soundscape reminiscent of The Velvet Underground.

Sounds like: Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Velvet Underground, The Archies

Deeper Thoughts: In the late 90’s Detroit had become Mecca for the re-emergence of the Underground Garage Rock scene in America. Let’s Go to the No Go Zone is a fine example of the music you might have heard coming out of one of many dirty little venues in Detroit at the time. There is a difference between The Witches and the new musicians and mediocre bands with whom they would find  themselves sharing shows: bandleader Troy Gregory. Troy played with the thrash-metal bands Flotsam & Jetsam and Prong. He was considered when Metallica was looking for a new member, and has been associated with The Killing Joke. He enjoyed recent success nationally (and internationally) as a member of The Dirtbombs. But Mr. Gregory is not the only talented member of this band. Matthew Smith of Outrageous Cherry and Volebeats, John Nash of The Electric Six and Jim Diamond (whose studio recorded early sessions for The White Stripes) are also formidable players. The Witches delivered a good, art-inspired garage rock record with an interesting line-up of musicians well-versed in their craft.

The Sonics: Creepy, unsettling backgrounds of sound serve as a back drop to the driving guitar and vocal melodies. Plenty of fuzz and distortion can be found on this historical gem. All in all a simple mix with a creative twist for this atypical garage rock album.


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