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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is CD Pro same as CD Pro 2?

The current CD Pro 2LF is backward compatible with CDM 12 Industrial, CD Pro and early-version CD Pro 2 modules — having the same electrical connections and the same communication interface. However, the optical pick-up unit and the control PCB are not interchangeable. Mechanically they are very similar.

Q: How do I identify CDM 12, CD Pro and CD Pro 2?

Compare the player modules:

CDM 12CD Pro 1
CD Pro 2
Q: What is the most common problem with these CD player modules?

The optical pick-up unit (OPU) is by far the most troublesome component. It is quite likely that whatever issues your jukebox or hifi player is exhibiting will be remedied with a new OPU. Turntable motor problems are less frequent, but replacing this motor is sometimes required. We also occasionally find problems with the module’s circuit board.

Q: How long does it take to replace the optical pick-up unit (OPU)?

Depending on your skill level servicing small electronic devices, all procedures should take approximately 30 minutes.

Q: What tools do I need to repair the CD module?

At minimum, you will need a #6 and a #10 torx screwdriver, small flat screwdriver, and your reading glasses. All screwdrivers can be purchased in our Store. A soldering iron will also be necessary if replacing the turntable motor is required.

Q: Is there any modification necessary to repair the module?

No. Simply replacing the OPU or turntable motor is all that need be done.

Q: Is there any adjustment or calibration necessary to repair the unit?

No. All required adjustments and calibrations are performed on all new OPUs at the factory.

Q: I replaced the OPU and the player module still does not work. What gives?

If it exhibits the same symptoms as before you started the service process, the problem is not with the OPU. Depending upon the symptoms you observe, it is possible that the turntable motor may need to be replaced. Also make sure you did not use an incorrect OPU. CDM12 & CD Pro 1 OPUs are not compatible with CD Pro 2 OPUs. In rare instances the new OPU you have may be bad. Please contact us to discuss these issues.

Q: Should I perform regular maintenance on the CD player module?

Regular cleaning of the focal lens is highly recommended. You can purchase a lens-cleaning kit in our Store. Philips does recommend lubrication for older modules, particularly the CDM 12 Industrial. You can purchase the recommended Tribol molybdenum grease in our Store. See the factory maintenance instructions on our Service page for more information on these procedures.

Q: What lubricant should I use?

The Philips factory recommends using Tribol Molub-Alloy 9890-2 lubricant. It is manufactured by Castrol Germany and is quite uncommon. We do have limited stock of the Tribol, available in our Store. The recommended substitute is Krytox GLP-204 by Dupont.